Ask The Experts: When Does Your Cummins N14 Need A Rebuild?

We know that rebuilding your engine is a time consuming and expensive process. And that's not even mentioning the profits you lose when your engine is out of commission.


You want to get your engine back up and running as soon as possible, with quality parts that'll keep you going another million miles. But you don't want to pay the high prices at the dealer. 

Highway & Heavy Parts can help you get the best parts, fast, all for a fraction of the price the dealer charges.

In this video, we're taking you through one of the quality rebuild kits we carry—the inframe rebuild kit for your Cummins N14.

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When Does Your N14 Need a Rebuild? 

Like with any engine, there are a few things that indicate it's time for a rebuild. You might notice oil consumption, lack of power, or you just might have a million miles on the engine.4024880-CUMMINS-N14-INFRAME-REBUILD-KITThere are some things to watch out for on the N14, specifically. This engine was first produced in 1991, and they've been one of the most popular engines for years. 

Some of these engines now have 20-30 years on them, and we're starting to see some common problems pop up. 

Fire Rings on Your N14

With the N14, a lot of times we see a blown head gasket causing issues. It's important to know, though, that in many cases you can't just replace the head gasket and call it good. It's likely that the fire rings are also bad. 

A fire ring is a small groove machined into the cylinder head around each combustion chamber. A stainless steel ring is inserted into the groove. 

This ring acts as an additional seal around the combustion chamber, and ensures greater reliability when operating under stressful conditions.

Check the Clearances Around Your Bearings

When you're overhauling your N14, it's important to check the clearances around your bearings. If you don't, you can not only lose the overhaul you just did, but you also risk failure in your crankshaft and your block.


You can check these clearances by using a plastic gauge, which is a small piece of plastic that you lay across the bearing journal. Then, you bolt everything together with the bearing on the crank. 

That piece of plastic is going to squish down when you tighten everything. When you take it apart, you measure how wide the plastic squished—the wider it is, the less clearance there is. 

If you don't measure your oil clearance, you run the risk of putting the wrong size bearings in your engine. This can lead to excessive oil clearance and problems in your N14 down the road. 

Replace Your Piston Cooling Nozzles During an Overhaul

While you're overhauling your engine, it's also a good idea to take a look at your piston cooling nozzles. We recommend that you replace them every time. 

They're made out of plastic and are fairly inexpensive components, but they're critical in keeping the bottom of the piston cool. 

If you have a failure with a broken piston nozzle, you might notice low oil pressure or an overheating piston.

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what comes with the n14 cummins inframe rebuild kit?

When you're looking at the investment of rebuilding your engine, you want to make sure you're choosing the most cost effective option. 

With this particular engine, a re-ring kit usually isn't the best choice. You're better off overhauling your engine and taking care of any other problems up front. 

When it comes down to it you want a quality, affordable kit that will take your engine another million miles—and you want it fast. 

Highway & Heavy Parts has quality kits you can count on!

This kit for your N14 includes Ferrotherm Pistons, a hybrid piston design with an aluminum skirt and steel crown.

The profiled bore design increases the longevity of the piston pin and crown.

At Highway & Heavy Parts, we only carry premium quality parts, often for a fraction of what you'd pay at the OEM dealer. And, we only sell rebuild kits with new parts.  

Don't sacrifice quality to get the best price possible. With an inframe rebuild kit from Highway & Heavy Parts, you can have it all—the highest quality replacement parts for a fraction of the OEM dealer cost, backed by an industry leading warranty!

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