Is Your Caterpillar C15 Turbo Working Right? Symptoms of Failure and Causes

Maybe you've noticed lower power or boost in your CAT C15. Or maybe the overall performance just isn't where it should be.

This could mean your turbo is going bad!

Caterpillar C15 Diesel TurbochargerYour turbo is a critical component in your engine, and you'll want to know if it's going bad. In this post, we're going through some of the most common symptoms you can watch out for if your C15 turbo is going bad.

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Is Your C15 Turbo Working Right? 

About Your Turbocharger

The main goal of a turbo is to give your engine more power by using exhaust gas to power its turbine. This forces air into the combustion chamber.

Without the turbo, your engine would have a lot less power. 

It also has a lot of moving components, which creates opportunities for failure.

Symptoms of Problems in Your Turbo

If you're having problems with the turbo in your C15, you'll want to have it taken care of right away, before it can cause more problems in your engine. But that means properly diagnosing the issue.

So, you'll need to know what you're looking for.

There could be internal turbo components that are damaged. It could be passing oil, have low power, or it might be running hot.

It's also important to watch for low boost pressure, play in the turbo shaft, which causes the blades to rub the housing, or cracks in the exhaust side from excessive heat.

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What's the Cause of These Issues in My C15 Turbo?

If you've identified the symptoms of a failing turbo, you probably want to know what caused them in the first place.

Some Main Causes of Failure

Your issues might be caused by a damaged housing. Or, you might have carbon or debris that knocked loose and damaged the fins.

It's also possible that you have failed bearings causing the turbo blades to rub the inside of the housing. 

A loss of pressure could be caused by an air leak.

How Other Types of Engine Failure Impact Your Turbo

If you're experiencing a failure elsewhere in your engine, that could be affecting your turbo as well.

Depending on the location of the failure, you could have leaks on your compressor or turbine sides, a damaged compressor or turbine wheel, or turbo bearing failures.

Installing a New Turbo

If you're installing a new turbo to help with the failure, you'll want to be sure it's installed correctly. 

A turbo needs to be properly prelubed before install to ensure everything is well lubricated before startup. Doing so can help prevent future failures.

For more information, check out our turbo install tips!


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