Diesel Diagnosis: Issues with Newly Installed Caterpillar Fuel Injectors

Caterpillar C15 Fuel Injector

When you replace your fuel injectors, you want your Caterpillar engine to perform at its best.

We know how frustrating it is when your engine doesn't work like you know it should after an injector replacement. You spent a lot of time and money on the repair, and faulty injectors mean even more downtime and lost profits.

It's common to think that the new injectors are the source of your problems, but there could be more to it than that. It could actually be combustion problems letting air into your fuel.

In this post, we're taking a look at a possible cause for this issue and what you can do to protect your injectors, keeping your engine on the road where it should be.

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What Could Be Causing the Combustion Problems in Your CAT Engine?

We hear a lot of people complain about a miss in their Caterpillar engine while it's under load, shortly after they've installed new injectors. 

This problem can be caused by a poor seal between the injector and the cylinder head.

What Symptoms Should You Look For? 

If this is what's going on in your engine, you could be seeing symptoms besides an engine miss or flutter. These can include:

  • White smoke at start-up

  • Soot in the fuel system

  • Injector seats erode away

If you pull the injector out, you might also see discoloration or carbon tracking on the tip of the injector. That's a telltale sign that the injector isn't sealing properly with the cylinder head.

Because of this, air gets into the fuel and the air is compressed instead of the fuel. This leads to abnormal injection timing.

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How to Fix Combustion Issues in Your Caterpillar Engine

As you know, proper sealing during the combustion process actually impacts the overall health of your injectors and your whole engine.

 It's commonly thought that injectors seal against the coolant cup, but that's not actually the case. They really seal below the cup, which is part of the cylinder head. 

Over time, through constant use, this surface begins to wear and erode, creating a poor seal. The compression is then able to move past the injector seat, causing fuel aeration.

Fixing Combustion Issues Without Removing Your Cylinder Head

It doesn't automatically mean that you have to replace your cylinder head just because you have a bad seat. Tools have been developed to help repair this damage and allow your injector to seal properly again, without taking your head out of your engine.

Using only a drill and injector bore seat cutter, we have a solution that allows you to repair the sealing surface without ever having to remove the head. Some repair shops choose to cut or clean up the surface every time an injector is changed.

Will This Tool Work for Your Caterpillar Engine?

It's important to note that some heads are too damaged for this tool to fix, but for many, this tool allows you to prevent hours of downtime and save a lot of money.

By repairing the injector seating when you replace the injectors on your Caterpillar engine, you're also helping to protect your injectors and extend their life. 


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