Tech Tips: How To Find Detroit Diesel Engine Serial Numbers

When shopping for parts for your diesel engine, you want to make sure you're getting the right ones the first time. One thing that can help ensure you get the right fit is your engine serial number. 

In this post, we're taking you through how to find the ESN on your Detroit Diesel engine.

Detroit Diesel Engine Serial Numbers

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How to Find a Detroit Diesel Engine Serial Number

While most OEMs are pretty irregular, Detroit Diesel is probably the least consistent OEM about the placement of their engine serial numbers.

Various engines of the same model will tend to have their ESNs in the same location, so below is a list of the popular Detroit Diesel engine models and where their ESNs are typically located. However, they can vary even within a model, so don't worry if you can't find yours in the spot listed and just keep checking.

  • Detroit Diesel Series Inline 53: stamped in the upper rear corner of the right side of the block

  • Detroit Diesel Series V53: stamped in the upper right corner of the front of the block

  • Detroit Diesel Series 60: on an option plate with the information located on the left side of the valve cover

  • Detroit Diesel Series Inline 71: printed on the option label, which is attached to the valve cover

  • Detroit Diesel Series V71: stamped into the block in either the left side, upper front corner, or the right side, upper rear corner

  • Detroit Diesel Series V92: stamped on the front side, on either the upper front or upper rear corners

  • Detroit Diesel Series 149: stamped on the rocker cover rail towards the rear

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Detroit Diesel Engine Serial Number Format

We could probably write an entire blog on what various Detroit Diesel ESNs and model numbers look like. For the sake of keeping this guide simple, we're just going to go over the highlights. The ESNs and model numbers are usually located by each other, so we're including what they both look like for each engine model so you know which is which.

  • Detroit Diesel Series Inline 53: ESNs begin with 04D and can be found under the model numbers, which will with 504.

  • Detroit Diesel Series V53: ESNs will with a 06D and the model numbers will begin with 506.

  • Detroit Diesel Series 60: ESNs begin with 06R and model numbers begin with 606.

  • Detroit Diesel Series Inline 71: ESNs begin with 06A and will be near the model numbers, which begin with 106.

  • Detroit Diesel Series V71: ESNs with 08VA and model numbers begin with 708.

  • Detroit Diesel Series V92: ESNs begin with 08VF and model numbers begin with 808.

  • Detroit Diesel Series 149: ESNs start with 12E and model numbers that start with 912.


Inputting Your Detroit Diesel ESN When Buying a Part


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The Importance of Your Detroit Diesel Engine Serial Number

Being able to find and identify your ESN is important, especially when you go to order parts for your engine. Whether you order parts online or over the phone, you should provide your engine serial number. This is because the parts needed for your specific engine can vary greatly from another engine, even if it is the same model.

While giving us the part number off your old part will often work just fine, there are certain items that we will definitely need an engine serial number for. Our techs can look up your ESN to see exactly which parts you need.

Ok, but how do you give an ESN if you're ordering parts online? Well, you'll see in the image above that there is a text box right under the price of an item where you can type it in. This will appear in your order when we go to process it, and our techs will look it up to make sure that the part or kit you ordered is the right one for you.

Not every product page has this box but some do. While our website will allow you to order a part without filling out that box, not filling it out could delay your order because we'll need to contact you before processing the order. At HHP, we do our best to make sure you get the right parts.

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