Diesel Diagnosis: Navistar HEUI High Pressure Oil Pump Failure

We know how frustrating it can be when your equipment fails and you're facing down time and lost profits. And paying those high OEM dealer prices only makes it worse. 

Your Navistar/International DT466/I530 works hard. You can't afford to be down and you need the parts now. When you need to replace parts, you want to be sure the components you buy can keep up. 



That's why Highway & Heavy Parts offers Genuine Bosch fuel system components for your Navistar/International DT466. These are the same parts you'd get from the dealer, but you'll be paying much less for them!

In this post, we're taking you through the Remanufactured HEUI Oil Pump for your Navistar DT466 OE# 1842722C91

The High-Pressure HEUI System

How the HEUI System Works

With the high-pressure system, it's important to remember that when we talk about the HEUI Oil Pump, we don't mean the pump that supplies the oil to the engine bearings.

In this system, you actually have two oil pumps. The HEUI or Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injection pump is responsible for using hydraulic force to create injection pressure for your injectors.

You're no longer relying on a camshaft for a mechanical transmission of power like in some older engines. This actually reduces the amount of failure points in the fuel system.

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Why Oil Change Intervals Are Important

Because of the nature of the system, you have to pay extra attention to your oil change intervals. That's because you now have a system where the oil and fuel systems meet.

In other words, you're using the same oil from the rest of the engine to create power in your fuel system. If the oil pressure runs low, the oil temperatures get high, or the oil gets dirty, we're actually creating problems for both systems instead of just one.


As we mentioned, the high-pressure system uses the same oil the rest of the engine runs off, and that means it's likely that your oil will break down more quickly than normal, or get thinned out. This can cause poor fuel system performance.  You might notice your engine running poorly or bad fuel mileage.

If that's the case, it might be worth investigating the condition of your engine oil change.

Is Your HEUI Oil Pump Failing?

Symptoms of a Failing HEUI Pump

With a failing oil pump, you might also notice:

  • Decreased Injection Pressure
  • Higher Engine Temperatures
  • Unusual Noises
  • Engine Not Starting

What To Do About a Failing Oil Pump

It's possible that you'll have:

  • Poor Cranking Pressure
  • Incorrect Oil Levels
  • Diluted Oil
  • Fuel in the Oil

Shop Our BOSCH HEUI High Pressure Pumps

These symptoms can be indicators of an even bigger problem—a failure in your fuel system. If not diagnosed properly, these problems can lead to serious engine damage and expensive repairs, putting you and your engine out of work.

Regular parts maintenance and oil changes are key factors in keeping your High-Pressure System running right.

How Highway & Heavy Parts Can Help With Your High-Pressure HEUI Oil Pump

When we get down to it, though, we know you want quality, affordable diesel fuel

system parts that can handle harsh working environments, and you want them fast!

That's why Highway & Heavy Parts is excited to carry Genuine Bosch Remanufactured High-Pressure HEUI Pumps for your Navistar/International DT466 engine.

We Carry the Same Parts as the Dealers!

This is the same part your engine was built with, and the same part you'd be getting from the OEM dealer. But you'll pay a fraction of the price at HHP.

This pump is rebuilt on Bosch designed tooling fixtures and equipment to exact OE standards with new and reconditioned components. And all OE updates are included. It's even been end-of-line tested using exact OE test specifications.

With this genuine OE pump, you'll be getting improved fuel economy, quieter performance and lower emissions.

Don't sacrifice quality to get the best price possible! We have it all right here—Genuine Bosch OE replacement parts for a fraction of the OEM dealer cost, all backed by an industry-leading warranty!

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