How To Find Yanmar Diesel Engine Serial Numbers: Format And Location

Global engine manufacturer Yanmar was founded back in 1912. The Japanese company started making gas-powered engines, but have since found their niche in the diesel engine world.

Nowadays, Yanmar focuses on marine applications, but they still make diesel engines for agricultural and marine industrial applications as well. The company cemented its name in the diesel engine industry back in the 1930s when one of its first diesel engines was unveiled. 

Yanmar Diesel EngineHistory aside, a serial number can offer critical information about the engine like when it was made, the options it came with, and even who made it. However, not all companies have the same nomenclature or process when stamping the serial numbers. This makes identifying the engine and its features that much more difficult. Even looking for it can prove to be a challenge as different manufacturers can have them in distinct locations. 

Having a hard time finding your engine’s serial number? We have created a diesel engine serial number guide here!

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What Should You Know About Your Yanmar Serial Number? 

Like most other manufacturers, Yanmar’s serial number and engine serial number can be found on the identification plate. An ID plate will have all the crucial information related to that particular engine. Details such as the number of cylinders, if it has a turbo, and more will all be available on the ID plate.

When does this information become handy? Anytime you are looking to get replacement parts, diesel parts stores like ours will ask for the serial number to make sure the new parts are compatible with the specific make and model Yanmar diesel engine you have.

It sounds simple enough, but not having the right ESN can open up a whole host of problems. Although some diesel engines look the same, even if they are made by the same manufacturer, it does not guarantee that new replacement parts will fit.

Here is a picture of what it should look like:  

Common yanmar diesel engine model numbers

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Where Can I Find The Serial Number On My Yanmar Engine?

As we previously mentioned, there is a specific rule on where a particular manufacturer has to place the serial number. The location of the ESN is left up to Yanmar in this case. To make things even more confusing, certain engines will have serial numbers in different places. For example, a Yanmar diesel engine on a marine application will have the serial numbers mounted in a different place when compared to an industrial application. 

On top of that, the serial number can be displayed in a variety of ways. I can be put on a plate that is then riveted to the body, stamped on the engine, and even printed on a sticker that is subsequently glued to a panel. The latter can be especially “fun” to identify. After years of wear and tear, the information could be wiped away, so reading the serial number becomes impossible.

A good place to start is in the engine compartment or check the engine block itself. Some Yanmar diesel engines will have the serial number imprinted on the rocker cover.

Why Knowing The Serial Number Is Important

Without a serial number, getting the right parts for your Yanmar diesel engine would be nearly impossible. Each engine model is made slightly different from the next. That being said, not having the correct engine serial number will only lead to headaches as you can't be sure if the part you ordered will fit.  

In most cases, having the old part number will work when trying to order a new part. To be 100% sure that the new parts will match, our technicians will need the serial number as well. We want to get you back up and running quickly and having the serial number will is the best way to reduce downtime.


Final Words

No matter if you are planning a complete engine rebuild or just need to replace an old drain plug, we have all your Yanmar engine needs covered. Our experienced ASE-certified techs are highly trained. A few simple key pieces of information are all that is often needed to help us provide you with the correct parts.

We are waiting to answer any questions you might have about your Yanmar Diesel engine. Give us a call at 844-447-1453 or request a quote online today!

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