Ask The Experts: How to Rebuild a Caterpillar C2.2 T/A Diesel Engine

Is it time for your Caterpillar C2.2 T/A to get a complete rebuild? (Check out our post on signs your engine needs a rebuild if you're not sure!)

If you're getting ready to rebuild your engine, then we have the kit for you! In this post, we're focusing on the out-of-frame rebuild kit for the C2.2 T/A. 

This engine is a turbocharged, after-cooled engine, and we've got all the details on the rebuild kit that can get the job done!

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Is This the Right Kit For My CAT Engine?

When you're shopping for a rebuild kit, you want to make sure that the kit you order is going to work in your engine. We've got some ways to help you tell if this is the right kit for you!

What Applications Are CAT C2.2 T/As Found In?

First, as the "T" and "A" in the name say, this kit will fit the turbocharged, after-cooled C2.2 T/A.

This engine is often found in skid steer and generators, so if that's the equipment you're running, this kit might work for you.


What's Included In This Diesel Engine Rebuild Kit?

Caterpillar Out of Frame KitYou're probably wondering what all comes in this kit. Rest assured that it includes everything you need to get the job done!

1. Piston Kit

You'll get your piston kit, which includes the pistons, wrist pins, retainers, and ring sets. 

2. Overhaul Gasket Set

This kit also includes the overhaul gasket set. It comes with all the components necessary to take it apart, reseal it, and put everything back together again, including the front and rear crank seals.

3. Valve Train and Lower End Bearing Kits

You're also getting a complete valve train kit, which allows you to completely rebuild your cylinder head.

Also included is the complete lower end bearing kit: rod bearings, main bearings, and thrust bearings. It also includes the connecting rod bushings and crankshaft bushings.

And you're going to get your connecting rod bolts and nuts. This kit is going to give you everything you need to get your engine ready for another life cycle.

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Why Your Caterpillar Diesel Engine Serial Number Is Important!

To ensure you're getting a kit that fits your engine properly, you'll want to know the ESN for your CAT C2.2 T/A.

Finding Your ESN

Luckily, CAT engines are usually pretty consistent about where the engine serial number is located.

You can most likely find it on a dataplate on the driver side of the valve cover.

Similarly, the ESN should follow a pretty predictable pattern amongst the engines.

ESN Format

For most CAT engines, the engine serial number starts with a three-character prefix, like 6NZ or MBN. That is followed by 7 digits.

It's common practice to refer to CAT engines by their prefix, especially for the popular engines like the 6NZ. This can help you properly identify which number is the ESN.

Why You Need Your Diesel ESN When Shopping for a Rebuild Kit!

It might seem like just one more step that takes time, but it's actually really important to have your ESN when you're buying a rebuild kit. It can help save you time and money later on.

When we know your serial number, you can be confident that you're ordering the right parts for your engine. You won't be wasting your time re-ordering and returning parts that didn't work.


How Highway & Heavy Parts Can Help With Your CAT 2.2 T/A Diesel Engine

If you need to rebuild your CAT C2.2 T/A diesel engine, this could be exactly what you're looking for!

Let our team of experts help you diagnose your diesel engine problems and find you the exact parts you need to get the job done. We have ASE Certified Technicians on staff!

We've got a wide selection of diesel engine replacement parts, and we can get them to you fast! And our parts are covered by industry leading warranties. Just give us a call, or shop online!

So, if you have a CAT C2.2 T/A and are in the market for some new parts, we can help you out!

From diagnosis through delivery, we're Highway & Heavy Parts!

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