Ask The Experts: Should You Get A New Or Remanufactured Natural Gas Cylinder Head?

Cylinder heads fail, and when they do, you're left with a decision whether you should purchase a new or remanufactured cylinder head. And if you're running a natural gas engine, you might feel like you're making this decision more often than you'd like.


Recently, parts for natural gas engines are harder to find, especially high quality, new cylinder heads. So you might feel like you don't really have any options.

Today, we're taking you through whether you should buy a new or remanufactured cylinder head, and what your options for replacing them are!

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Should You Buy A New Or Reman Natural Gas Cylinder Head?

Cummins ISLG Natural Gas Cylinder HeadIf you're looking to replace the cylinder head on your natural gas engine, you're probably wondering why you should buy a new, if you can save money purchasing a reman head.

This is a big question particularly when considering the cylinder heads for natural gas engines, which seem to fail more frequently.

The reason natural gas cylinder heads tend to fail is because of:

  • The engine timing

  • Lean burn

  • Compression ratios

  • High cylinder pressures

What Causes Natural Gas Cylinder Head Cracking?

The cylinder head is under a lot of stress, especially with the extreme operating conditions of these applications. This is when you'll see cracking, which is the most common cause of failure in these heads. The cracking is frequently caused by the environments these engines operate in.

Often you'll see them run in conditions with multiple accelerations and higher duty cycles, like you have with a garbage truck that stops repeatedly. So you're getting more pressure, or more heat, based on the duty cycle, which can lead to problems with cracking.

As we've talked about before, you tend to see more cracks with cylinder heads in natural gas engines than diesel engines. What people want to do is to then have the cracks repaired instead of replacing the cylinder head. But because you're seeing so many cracks, there will be so much more labor in the front end which drives up the price of the repair.

Suddenly, the cost of a reman head is almost the same as a new cylinder head, and the repair tracks will never be as strong as the new head.

With a reman head, there's a high probability that the welded or repaired areas will fail. This is something that you just won't be see on a new head. So you'll be spending nearly the same amount, and needing to replace the head again much sooner than if you install the new one right away.

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Are Aftermarket Natural Gas Cylinder Heads Good Quality?

Recently, there's been a shortage of components for these engines. It's been difficult for people to find the parts that they need. You might be nervous to buy your cylinder head from a non OE supplier in case the part fails, but, when you buy from Highway and Heavy Parts, you don't have to settle for inferior parts for your natural gas engine. We have an option of a brand new, never been welded cylinder head.

Our cylinder heads are made of cast iron, meaning you'll be getting long-lasting strength and durability. They've been precision machined to exact tolerances for proper fit and function. They're thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and pressure and vacuum tested.

You don't have to sacrifice quality to get the best price possible. We have it all here at Highway and Heavy Parts. Our mission is to take the risk out of buying aftermarket parts. So if you're looking for affordable OEM quality with expert advice on the other end of the line, we're here to help.

Why Buy From Highway and Heavy Parts?

We take the risk out of buying cylinder heads for natural gas engines by:

  • Sourcing from leading manufactures in the industry

  • Ensuring we sell only the most reliable heads on the market

  • Putting components through rigorous testing and quality control

  • Meeting OEM standards

We won't sell you a part from an inferior supplier that doesn't meet the industry's highest quality standards. Our team of experts can help you diagnose your problem, and help you get the right parts the first time.

Our technicians ask questions to better understand the issues and make sure that you get what you need. And we stand behind our parts with an industry leading warranty.

If you have any questions about cylinder heads for your ISL or ISLG natural gas engines, you can call our ASE certified parts technicians at 844-447-1453. From diagnosis through delivery, we're Highway and Heavy Parts.

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