Ask The Experts: Why Purchase Reman Diesel Fuel Pumps From HHP?

remanufactured fuel injection pumps at Highway & Heavy Parts

Have you ever been stuck waiting for a replacement part? Lost valuable time because the part you needed was unavailable? 

If you're in the agricultural industry, we know that a few hours can make a huge difference in your profitability, especially when you're also dealing with factors like weather and input cost. Your time is valuable. 

Don't let downed equipment keep you from making money! We've got the best selection of quality parts, at the best prices, to get you back to work right away.

Today, we're talking about your fuel injection pump and how Highway & Heavy Parts can help you keep a pump failure from ruining your season. 

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High Quality Remanufactured Fuel Pumps Are Available At Highway And Heavy Parts!

Bosch Common Rail Diesel Fuel Pump


When your equipment goes down, you don't have time to wait for replacement parts. You have a small window to get your work done, and any delays cost you money.

That's where Highway & Heavy Parts comes in! We have the highest quality parts, the widest inventory, with the greatest availability, meaning you can get back up and running sooner. 

Years ago, you would have been able to head to the local dealer and get everything you needed right away. But now, that's not the case, especially if you're running an older machine, the ones with rotary and inline fuel pumps in particular.

These systems have been replaced on new machines by common rail fuel systems, meaning that dealers stock less and less of the parts for the equipment you're running. So, you'll be stuck waiting for the dealer to source and ship their high-priced parts, parts that we're typically able to supply the same day. And the quality of that part will be better. 

For example, unlike some OEM remanufacturers, we don't re-chrome parts. When they re-chrome a component, it means that they're putting a coating on the surface of the barrel and plunger rather than replacing the part. All to often, under normal operating conditions, that coating will fail prematurely. 

We don't sell re-chromed components in our pumps. We just don't think it's the same quality. It's a way for them to save money at your expense. 

So, when you order a fuel pump from Highway & Heavy Parts, you'll often be getting parts built to higher standards than the OEM use in their Reman Programs, with stricter reuse guidelines and tighter tolerances. When your pump is on our test stand, we make sure it will perform when it counts, no exceptions.

High Quality Fuel Pumps Can Save Parts Dealers Money!

We're here for the dealers, too!

Dealers, how many times have you replaced a pump twice or received a remanufactured product that didn't perform properly? We know you're told to buy from the Distribution Centers, but a lot of OEMs are not rebuilding these products themselves anymore. They are sourcing the part based on profit for them, not what's the best part available for you and your customer. 

We can help! We already supply some of the best OEM dealers in the country with quality fuel system components. These top dealers know all about the OE reman quality concerns, that's why they call Highway & Heavy Parts for their fuel system needs. 

We pride ourselves on being the easiest and fastest way to get the highest quality fuel system part. And not just any fuel system part. We only sell the most reliable components and we stand behind our parts better than anyone else. Just give us a call or chat with us online to find the right pump for your diesel engine!

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The Benefits of Aftermarket Remanufactured Diesel Fuel Pumps

Diesel Engine Bosch Fuel Pump

If you want the best quality remanufactured pump, then we can help! At Highway & Heavy Parts, we take the risk out of buying diesel engine parts. Some benefits of our pumps include:

  • All Parts Built to Meet or Exceed OE Performance and Durability

  • All Wearable Components are Replaced with New OE Parts

  • Remanufactured with Upgrades to Components and OEM Specs

  • Meets Emissions Requirements

  • Produced and Tested Using the Latest OE Equipment and Technology

  • Improved Fuel Economy and Higher Torque

  • High Engine Performance and Quiet Running

We have the best parts, at the best prices, and we can get them to you quickly.

If you're looking to increase profits, check out our blog on how remanned fuel pumps can help!

Need a new fuel pump? Give our ASE Certified Techs a call at 844-304-7688 to find the best parts for your diesel engine. Or, you can request a quote online.

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