Tech Tips: The Importance of Replacing Your Injector Hold-Down Bolts

If you need to replace the fuel injectors on your CAT 3406E, C15, or C15 ACERT we know you want the highest quality and best functioning fuel injectors. 

If you spend that money on quality injectors, you probably want them to work correctly. 

Hold-Down bolt

The function of your injectors can be impacted by the performance of the other components in your diesel engine. That's why it's important to do everything on install to ensure you're getting the best performance from your injectors.

That includes the injector hold-down bolts. In this article we're going through why it's important to replace these bolts when you install new injectors.

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Is It Necessary to Replace Injector Hold-Down Bolts?

If you want to get the best performance out of your components, you'll want to replace your hold-down bolts.

And it's not just injector hold-down bolts you want to make sure you're replacing. Many hold-down bolts are single-use as well. 


Installing New Injectors

When you order injectors from us for your CAT 3406E, C15, and C15 ACERT, the injectors are all going to come with new hold-down bolts. There's even a sticker on the box that reminds you that it's OEM recommended to replace the hold-down bolts every time. 

Another decal reminds you that new bolts are included with your injectors.

This is all to help make it clear that the bolts need to be replaced. 

It might seem obvious, with the stickers on the box, but we still get cores back sometimes with the brand new bolts still in the box. 

This means the new bolts obviously weren't used when the injectors were installed, causing potential problems for you later on. It's vital to replace the bolts every time you're replacing the injectors.


Why It's Important to Replace the Hold-Down Bolts

So, why can't you just use your old bolts? 

Well, those bolts stretch over time, and they can't hold the necessary torque for normal operation. 

If you install the old bolts with your new injectors, your components won't be able to operate optimally.

And, on these injectors for CAT engines, the bolt comes standard in the box, so it's not something extra you need to order. You just have to install it when you're putting in your injectors.

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