Ask The Experts: Why Are There Few Options For Natural Gas Cylinder Heads?

Due in part to high demand and low supply, people have had a hard time finding cylinder heads for their natural gas engines, leading them to spend money on parts they'll just have to replace again soon.


We're taking a look at why it's so hard to get quality heads, and what your options are for a long-lasting, durable natural gas cylinder head.

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Looking at the Natural Gas Engine

The increase in emissions regulations in the US has caused a lot of changes in the diesel industry. And we've begun to see more natural gas engines running.

These engines can offer lower emissions, but you might run into some issues with them as well.

What Are Some Problems With Natural Gas Engines?

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a technician qualified to work on them. These engines are complicated machines, and you want someone who is properly trained to work on them.

Because of the environment within the natural gas engine, some of the components are under a lot of stress. The cylinder head, for instance, can experience a lot of strain because of the timing, lean burn, compression ratios, and cylinder pressure.

This pressure can lead to cracking in your cylinder head.


Cylinder Heads for Your Natural Gas Engine

If you've been looking for a cylinder head for your natural gas engine, you've probably run into a common problem.

You don't have that many options.

Recently, there's been a shortage of quality cylinder heads for natural gas engines. This causes many people to consider a remanufactured head.

Is A Remanufactured Head a Good Option?

A remanufactured head, though, isn't always the best choice for a natural gas engine.

Because of the increased pressures in these engines, natural gas cylinder heads need to be strong and durable. When a head is remanufactured, the cracks are welded, which weakens the cylinder head overall.

This, combined with the problem that when a natural gas cylinder head cracks, it often does so in multiple places, leaves you with a head that just won't be as strong as you need it to be. The quality just isn't as good as when you buy new.

You'll probably end up replacing your head again.


You Can Get a Strong and Durable Natural Gas Cylinder Head!

So, what can you do then? Here at HHP, we have the solution for you!

We have brand new natural gas cylinder heads that have never been welded, so you know you're getting a strong head!

Just because you have a natural gas engine doesn't mean that you need to go to the OEM. We have long-lasting, durable options for you!

Shop Natural Gas Cylinder Heads!


What Makes These Heads So Great?

The quality of our heads is ensured with state of the art tooling and machining, and they've been precision machined to exact tolerances. You can rest assured that you'll be getting proper fit and function!

The wider fluid passages and thicker deck allow for enhanced coolant flow in the head.

And, they've been crafted with a higher nickel content, giving you the strength and durability you want out of a head.

There's been improvements made to these heads over the original OEM design that helps prevent the cracking that may have caused you issues in the past.

You don't have to settle for a lower quality part. There are options out there for you!


Highway & Heavy Parts Can Help With Your Natural Gas Cylinder Head Needs!

If you're looking for a new cylinder head for your natural gas engine, HHP has got you covered! Some of our options include:

These new cylinder heads give you the strength and durability you're looking for in a head for your natural gas engine. They've been manufactured with the best machinery to ensure you're getting a top-quality head.

Other Benefits of HHP's Cylinder Heads

When you shop for a cylinder head with Highway & Heavy Parts, you're not just getting the highest quality components.

You're also getting access to our team of experts who can help you diagnose your diesel engine problems. We have ASE certified technicians on staff!

We provide fast and accurate quotes and fast and easy ordering. You can call or shop online!

We have a huge inventory of replacement parts to help ensure you're getting the right part the first time.

With fast shipping and industry-leading warranties, HHP is here to get your engine back up and running fast!

From diagnosis through delivery, we're Highway & Heavy Parts!

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